Email writing Tactics

  • 1

    Subject is mandatory (Title)

    Never send a blank Email (Always include your Name & Rank). Never send a blank Email (Always include your Name & Rank). This is so important!

  • 2

    Write clear and concise

    Write clear and concise Subject within few words. Give a fast hint to the Recruiter for what vacancy you are applying for. Don't write ``I want to apply for any job available for me``.

  • 3

    Write the name of the person

    Write the name of the person or company with 1st letter Capital. Make your message more personal. Don't forget the Recruiter is a human, not a robot.

  • 4

    Respond promptly

    Install your email app on your phone. Timing is gold! Don't reply on emails ``when you get home``. Recruiters can select other candidates in the meantime.

  • 5

    Create an email signature

    More often than you think, your attachment might not open. Let recruiters contact you easily from your signature (Name, Rank, Location, Phone, Email & Skype)

  • 6

    Rename your documents

    Instead of Photo 1, Photo 2 and so on you can rename your documents in ``CV Captain George Donovan``, ``BST``, ``Security Awareness``, ``Medical``, ``Endorsement``, ``Seaman Book``, ``Passport``.... Don't let recruiters search through all your papers!

Here is a list of useful apps starting with your Email signature, signing a PDF contract and edit a PDF to Word. Keep this list close to you, work remote, never miss a job!