Stew Infographic Resume Visual Yachting CV (Emma)

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Here’s what your resume should look like for 2019!

We designed impressive PRO version infographic resume that does the talking for you!



Infographic Resume Designs to Help You Stand Out

It’s hard to stand out with a traditional resume in a crowded pool of job seekers.

Creating an infographic resume is an effective way to get more employers engaged and intrigued by what you have to offer. Although a more creative resume is a unique marketing tool to highlight your work experience, it’s also easy to get it wrong.

Want to be sure your voice is coming though in the most thoughtful, communicative manner possible?

You’ve come to the right place. Our team of editors will bring a variety of experiences to bear on their edits. They can help you put your best foot forward when it comes to all the writing associated with your job Application. They edit with an eye for not only the bold, but the fluent and practical. They create a communicative relationship that will help you craft your best possible piece.

We offer unlimited edits until you’re happy with your Resume.

Included with every Resume Template and our service guarantee to you:

  • Unlimited Editing
  • Proofreading for grammar, spelling, punctuation and accepted structure
  • Indications on how to improve the Resume
  • Suggestions on Direction, Focus, Style and Layout
  • Support: At all process we will answer all your questions.

How it works:

Once your request has been received:

  • Within 30 minutes you will receive 2 emails:
    • One from our invoicing system containing an invoice for our editing services; and,
    • One from our Editing team with information on where to submit your materials.
  • Within 1 day you will receive your edited piece(s) back. At this point you may ask questions, or make corrections, and send it/them back for another review.

How are we different:

  • We offer unlimited editing on the same Resume.
  • We complete our work in less than a day.
  • We are responsive-we’ll converse with you about your Resume in order to better understand your intent and make corrections that satisfy requirements while effectively communicate your message.
  • We are competitively priced.

Words to the wise…

This is not a service that will write the Resume for you. We are an editing service only. We edit documents that are 1000 words or less (2 page resumes). If your materials are over 1000 words, please email us at .

Materials must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document (either .doc or .docx).

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